The long haired German shepherd is one of the popular breeds of dog which is being adopted by people for many years for different purposes including petting, farming, and hunting.

This breed of dog is same as German shepherd in look but different by appearance, activities, temperament, living condition and suitability etc. If you are planning to adopt a puppy of this breed in near future then this is an excellent article for you to get maximum information about this breed.

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1. Physical Appearance

2. Temperament of the Long Haired German Shepherd

3. Health Issues

4. Exercise

5. Living Conditions

6. Grooming a Long Haired German Shepherd

7. Acceptance of the Long Haired German Shepherd

8. Suitability

9. Final Verdict


Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of a lengthy haired German shepherd and long haired German shepherd puppies are quite different than the standard short hair German shepherd due to the coat which they have. The length of their coat can easily help you to recognize that which German shepherd is long hair and which isn’t. Other than their long hair coat, their weight and height are also better than standard German Shepherds.

The male long hair GSD height is about 26 inches where the female long hair GSD has maximum 24 inches of height. By weight, the male German Shepherds with long hairs can be up to 88 pounds and female German Shepherds with long coat can be up to 73 pounds.

Definitely, their weight can be increased with the diet by these are the general weight of furry German Shepherds. Their overall physical appearance is also fluffy that’s why people also called them fluffy German shepherd.

Due to their better height and weight, their size of paw, face, and ear are also bigger than standard GSD but due to long hairs, sometime it could be hard to realize. Especially they have many hairs around their ear where their paws are also fluffy.

Temperament of the Long Haired German Shepherd

Among the German shepherd community, it has been believed that the long haired German shepherd puppies and dogs have much better temperament than short haired dogs. There is no scientific proof of this claim but this is what generally believed in the dog community.

Generally, we all know that German Shepherd is one of the most friendly nature dogs if it has been trained rightly and the parents of the dog know that how to treat them at very early age. They also knew as the loyal breed of dogs in the dog’s kingdom that’s why the police in different countries have them and use them in different crime scenes.

The long hair GS dogs also make an excellent indoor pet due to their human-friendly temperament. They easily get involved with the humans and like to play with them. They like to play, enjoy different games and can be considered as playmates for the kids.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the temperament of any breed of the dog. Yes, some of them have good and bad in their DNA but the overall nature of the dog depends on the training of the dog and how the owner of the dogs treats them etc.

Health Issues

Knowing about the health issues of dogs before you adopt them is very important especially when you are planning to adopt long haired German shepherd puppies as puppies required extra care as compared to grown dogs.

This bred of dog is not much different than stock German shepherds and suffer from same ailments as they do. In short, they can easily suffer from the hereditary diseases because they are known as one of the most careless breeding practice breeds of the dog.

The popular diseases by which the long coated German shepherd can easily get affected include the diseases like eczema, dysplasia, epilepsy and digestive problems. But if you take care of your dog from the very first day, then they can live a very healthy life.

Generally, long coated German shepherd can live up to 13 years where the female can give birth to up to 6 puppies. These are not the rules but these figures have been taken on average data. Most of them suffered from the health problem once they cross the 10 years of their life.


Due to the playful temperament of black long coated GSD, they love exercise and it is very important for you to know that their body muscles should be exercised on daily basis to protect them from health problems.

Taking them on the walk and allow them to run in the dog ground could help them to keep healthy and active. For exercise purpose, you can enjoy different sports and games with them in which chasing, catching the ball and learning different tricks are included. The long coated GS loved to chase their dog and they do love when they have been given a mission to track an object etc.

If you are a jogger, runner or even a cyclist, then having the black German shepherd with long coated hairs is a perfect match because they love to run behind their owners which keep their muscles active and help them to get rid of its boundless energy.

Living Conditions

The long haired German shepherd can be live with comfortable indoor and outdoor. If you are living in an apartment with limited space along with you furry German shepherd, then make sure that you are giving enough space to your dog for playing and exercise on daily basis.

The dog prefers to live in a comfortable place. They are even good with the crate as long as it has all the facilities like the bed, toys and enough space to stand and sit with comfort.

While the dog has the layer of long hairs but still, they do not have much protection against the weather because they have only one layer of hairs.

In short, you can have this breed of dog at any place as long as there is enough space for him and you are taking care of your dog’s exercise on daily basis.

Grooming a Long Haired German Shepherd

Whether you have adopted long haired German shepherd puppies or a grown dog, you must remember some simple rules regarding their grooming because doing a little extra can damage their long haired coat for what this breed of dog is popular.

The long-haired German shepherd is a shedding dog but by brushing their coat at least twice in a week can help you to make their shedding slow while it is also necessary for the health point of view. This also keeps their hairs fluffy.

When it’s come to a long hair coated dog, the bathing does not really come under their grooming matter. Especially, this breed of dog does not have enough of natural oil in their hairs, so bathing them excess will reduce the amount of oil. So make sure that you only give them the shower when it’s really required.

Keep their nails shorts and try to use a hard concrete surface when you are taking them to the walk or running. This gives them more comfortable as compared to the garden land when they are walking, running or even playing etc.

Acceptance of the Long Haired German Shepherd

This is one of the friendliest breeds of the big size dog breed but sadly not widely accepted by the people in the modern culture due to two reasons; first their coat shedding and second, they have been considered a dog with aggressive nature while they are not.

Their fluffy furry coat and adorable eyes could make anyone to fall in love with them easily. The people who own this breed of dog have a long fight for their rights and educating people about their friendly nature.


I am not sure that why our electronic industry tries to show that German shepherd is an aggressive dog while it does not, especially the one with the long hair. If you are planning to adopt a long coated haired German shepherd, then make sure that you have enough time to spend with him because it is a breed who likes to have human contact. You do not need to have a big space for them but the time only.

If you are the person who is always busy with work and spend very little time at home or a family which is busy with other activities then this may not be a best breed for you as with the passage of time they will get aggressive and face health problems if they did not get the attention of their owner and the family.

The German shepherd is known as a dog which is a good companion of the human. They do not only keep you busy by playing, walking and running with you but also can protect you and fight against to protect you from danger, that’s why this breed is being used by the police department.

The long haired shepherd is not suitable for hunting and farming because of their coat which is weatherproof but it is suitable for those families who are looking for a companion. That’s why it is being called as a family dog and can be get attached to kids.

Training the German shepherd with long hairs is not difficult as they like to get involved in physical activities, especially if you want to have the dog who can do tricks, then you can think about this breed of the dog.

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Final Verdict

The long hair GSD is a family friendly dog which can easily adjust to a family as long as the human gives them enough time. There are no hard and fast rules regarding their training, grooming, and health except you may need to do extra care about their coat due to shedding problem. People who enjoy sports should adopt this breed of dog as this dog do like to play, running and chasing the owner in the playground.